Master International / FAQ

01 - Is your program taught entirely in English ?

The program is taught entirely in English.

However, the apprenticeships take place in French companies where French is usually the primary language.

02 – Are scanned copies of language certificates accepted or do you require the original certificates ?

Language certificate copies are sufficient.

03 – If I do not have a language certificate, is it still possible to apply ?

You can still apply. However, you need to turn in the certificate before June of the year of application.

If you are planning on obtaining your language certification after the deadline or it is not possible for you to obtain a certificate, you must inform Jessica Radzimski, the program coordinator (

Please note that only native speakers are exempt from providing a language certificate:

Previous studies with English as the primary language of instruction or previous studies pursued in English speaking countries do not exempt the applicant from providing a language certificate.

04 – What are the required exams or levels for the language certificate?

The following tests are accepted as proof of your level of English, along with the target (not required) score indicated:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Internet Based Test: 100
  • IELTS Academic (International English Language Testing System): 6.5
    • No sub-score under 6
  • TOEIC (Test of English for International Communications)
    • Listening and reading: 860/995
    • Speaking and writing: 350/400

We do not accept tests older than two years.

05 - Do I need to find my own apprenticeship before applying to the Master’s degree?

You do not need to search for an apprenticeship or have one secured before you are officially accepted into the program.

Once you are accepted into the program in the early summer, students are sent approximately 300 apprenticeship offers throughout the summer and early fall from partner companies in France. Students can then choose which apprenticeship offers they are interest in and apply directly.

06 - What are the academic requirements for CIFFOP applicants ?

Applicants are required to have the equivalent of a four-year bachelor’s degree or three-year Bachelor’s degree plus one year’s Master’s degree. Applicants’ degrees are assessed by our « Action Internationale » department. A minimum of 240 ECTS credits is required in order to be eligible to pursue the program.

We welcome students from different academic backgrounds (ex: Management, Law, Engineering, Psychology, etc.)

07 – What are the tuition fees for the program? Who pays them? Are there any other fees?

The tuition fee for the IHRM program is 10.000 EUR, however it is not the student, who pays the tuition fee, but the partner companies hiring the IHRM students as apprentices in form the 'taxe d'apprentissage'.

If you are not eligible to sign an apprenticeship contract (because you are 31 years old or older or are a so called "primo entrant" meaning a non-EU citizen, who has never lived in France or lived in France for less than 12 months) you will sign an internship contract (which is limited to 6 months).

Students with internship contracts do also not pay the tuition fee but do have to pay a registration fee to the university (around 450 EUR) upon enrollment.

08 – Would it be sufficient to send my application directly to the CIFFOP program or should I also send it via Campus France ?

We are connected with Campus France, which is the French agency that promotes higher education, hospitality and international mobility in France. However, you must apply directly to our program.

09 – Is the academic program specifically oriented towards France and the French legal system? Or is there a wider European perspective?

Regarding our law module, the academic content touches on the French legal system, but our academic program is principally oriented towards international HR Management.

10 – Are all students international or is there a mixture of French and international students?

The majority of students come from outside of France. French students must have an international experience to apply for the Master’s program.