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The program is taught entirely in English. It starts in September and allows students to gain valuable background knowledge during the first two months at the university. 

From November until July, students work in their partner companies while they attend courses at CIFFOP one week per month (3 weeks in the company + 1 week at the university).

The year ends with students working full-time in their companies until the end of their contract.
For details, please refer to the 2016-2017 academic calendar


Our classes are taught by top-notch academics coming from all over Europe as well as by cutting-edge professionals holding strategic positions in international companies.

The content of the program is organized around 6 main themes:

You may find a detailed breakdown of the program modules and hours here

Besides the classes, the program also offers:

  • On-site learning expeditions to some of our partner companies (2014-2015 visits included L'Oréal, EDF and Suez Environnement). 

This is an opportunity for the students to meet HR professionals in the field. They will learn about what is at stake for the business, what current HR implications are and which challenges the professionals are facing in their positions. Topics range from “Digitalization of HR” to “Cost reduction” among others.

Thanks to the strength of its network, CIFFOP has the opportunity to organize a yearly seminar abroad where students visit different companies and discover local HR practices.

The location of the seminar changes every year. In the past years, CIFFOP has visited New York, Singapore, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Stockholm, Barcelona, Poland and many other desintations.

In 2015, companies that participated in the seminar in Poland included Saint Gobain, Auchan, Bouygues Batiment International, Suez Environnement, DPD Group, Schneider Electric, Canal + and L'Oréal.

Students also visited the Cracow Univeristy of Economics for a conference on "HRM issues in Poland", as well as the University of Warsaw's Faculty of Law and Administration for a lecture on Labor Law in Poland. 

  • An opportunity to learn about yourself and classmates 

Apart from the fact that students will benefit from the different cultural backgrounds and personalities of their classmates, the personal development track of our students also includes collective and individual coaching by executive coaches and top executive HR professionals.

  • A chance to discover French HR practices during your assignment in a company