Master International / International exposure

International exposure

Since its establishment, successive innovations have allowed CIFFOP to strengthen the excellence of its training.

Paying attention to developments inside the HR function and taking into account the expectations of partner companies, CIFFOP integrates international aspects into its program.

In order to optimize its access to foreign resources and to allow students to practice strategic international HR management, CIFFOP organizes annual professional trips outside of France to:

  • 2004 : LONDON
  • 2005 : DUBLIN
  • 2006 : HONG-KONG
  • 2007 : MONTREAL
  • 2008 : NEW YORK
  • 2009 : MOROCCO
  • 2010 : PRAGUE
  • 2011 : SINGAPORE
  • 2012 : QATAR & ABU DHABI
  • 2013 : STOCKHOLM
  • 2014 : BARCELONA
  • 2015:  KRAKOW & WARSAW
  • 2016:  CHICAGO
  • 2017: MONTREAL

Apart from obvious personnel development, seminars abroad also provide real professional knowledge in terms of management and human resources practices. Meetings with human resources directors and local managers in various locations and from different companies give the students the opportunity to understand cultural differences together.

This high-quality educational seminar helps them adapt to the current socio-economic context thanks to deeper knowledge of international stakes and sharpened intellectual curiosity. In terms of professional ambitions, this experience abroad is often a factor motivating students to pursue an international career.