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Mardi, 6 Février, 2018

If your most recent academic degree was not issued by a French University (i.e. it was NOT obtained in France), you may apply to the International HR Management Master's Degree Program from February 6th until March 11th, 2018!

In order to apply, you need to complete the following two steps: 

STEP I: Forms & Attachments

Within one email (addressed to jessica.radzimski@u-paris2.fr) send the following two PDF files:

PDF 1: Academic Background:
>> Download the Academic Background Form here <<

The first out of the two PDFs to be submitted are your « Academic Background / Eligibility Check » documents - submit a single PDF

- consisting of the complete list of documents specified in the checklist above (in the exact order specified)

- entitled “SURNAME First Name_A.pdf” (e.g. somebody named Alex Smith would name his document “SMITH Alex_A.pdf”)

PDF 2: Application Form
>> Download the Application Form here <<

Within the same email, attach a second single PDF file

  • consisting of the complete list of documents specified within the “Application Checklist” page at the end of the Application form (page 4) and
  • in the exact order specified
  • This second PDF should be entitled “SURNAME First Name_B” (e.g. somebody named Alex Smith would name their document “SMITH Alex_B”)

=> Send both those PDF files within one email to jessica.radzimski@u-paris2.fr.

=> The object of the email should be “Application IHRM 2018-2019”

STEP II: Online Registration Form
Fill out and submit the following online form:

Please note that only after both those steps (I & II) have been completed (with all the mandatory information required), will an acknowledgement of receipt of the complete application be sent to the email address the applicant provided.