Master International / A Unique Program

The IHRM Master's Program is EPAS accredited
since 2017


This Master's degree in international Human Resources Managemes, is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

A Unique 1 Year Program


Worldwide companies need well-trained and operational HRM officers. This program will help you:

  • Acquire the necessary HRM skills in areas including: global staffing, knowledge management, compensation and benefits, mobility, competency management, employee relations, and diversity management.
  • Design and implement HRM policies and practices at corporate, country, site or business unit level.
  • Operate effectively in a multicultural environment.
  • Develop concrete experience in an international setting.
  • Gain cultural awareness and sensitivity. 
  • Become familiar with a different organizational culture than that of your home country.

Program benefits

Some of the benefits offered by this program include:

  • No tuition fees for students (apart from an administrative charge of approximately 450 EUR for students 31 years old and above as well as students who will carry out an internship), as the 10,000 EUR tuition will be paid by the partner company.
  • An opportunity to carry out a 12-month assignment in either 
    • an international company within France, 
    • a French company in France, 
    • or a French subsidiary outside France (when full-time in the company).
  • monthly salary (if administratively registered as an “Apprenti”) or alternative monthly compensation (“Stagiaire”). Even when you are at school, you still receive your monthly salary. 
  • A carefully designed HRM program led by academics from all over Europe and industry professionals.
  • valuable experience added to your CV that will make your profile attractive for multinational companies.
  • A large network that will not only help you benefit from many apprenticeship offers, but which will also be an advantage for your future job search.
  • Learning expeditions to well-known international companies and a Seminar Abroad, paid for by CIFFOP.
  • An opportunity to increase your cultural awareness in a foreign context.
  • Tutoring through experienced HR executives from leading companies (2015/2016: BNP Paribas, Danone, EDF, Tetra Pak, Zodiac Aerospace).

The International HR Management Master's Degree of CIFFOP has been awarded the prestigious EPAS accreditation by the EFMD for 3 years in 2017.