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Accueil - Master International HR Management

Master International HR Management

Master International HR Management
Classe IHRM 2017
The International HR Management program aims to train future HR professionals with an international focus.

Objectives of the International Human Resources Management program

Worldwide companies need well-trained and seasoned operational HRM officers. This program will help students:

  • acquire the necessary HRM skills in areas including: global staffing, training and development, compensation and benefits, mobility, skills management, employee relations and diversity management;
  • design and implement HRM policies and practices at corporate/country/site/SBU levels;
  • operate effectively in a multicultural environment;
  • develop concrete experience in an international setting;
  • become familiar with a different organizational culture than that of the student’s home country.

5 words to summarize the IHRM program features


CIFFOP is seen in France as the best school for HR professionals. In 2017, the IHRM program in Paris has been awarded the prestigious EPAS accreditation for 3 years by the EFMD after a rigorous review process for 3 years.  The international program accreditation system EPAS is awarded to outstanding management programs with an international perspective. It is operated by the EFMD, an accreditation body globally renowned for quality and impact assessment in management.


Students are strictly selected based on their academic background, personal maturity, motivation and international background.


Students work in a multinational company while studying at the university (they share their time between business life and studies). Examples of companies hiring them include L'Oréal, Danone, Schlumberger, Chanel, Schneider Electric, etc.

Our teachers are 50% from the academic world and 50% from the business world. 

Learning expeditions are organized during the year to delve into the HR realities of partner companies (Suez Environnement, L’Oréal, Tetra Pak to name a few).


A pool of 6 profesionals tutors in the program who are either Human Resource Directors or top HR professionals. Our tutors follow the students throughout the year on the academic level but also on a professional level by guiding them through their business life and supporting them during the start of their career.

The Ciffop network, the Ciffop Almuni, is a strong international network of more than 2000 HR professionals.


The IHRM students come from all over the world: in 2018-2019, the program gathers 27 students with 17 different nationalities.