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Accueil - Master International HR Management

Master International HR Management

Master International HR Management
Enseignements & calendrier/Program content & calendar

Both years include an apprenticeship: students share their time between classes at Ciffop-Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas and work in companies.

Program content

First year (Master 1)

Semestre 1

Unités d’Enseignement Fondamentales

  • Stratégie (outils d’analyse)
  • Action managériale
  • Contrôle de gestion & finance d’entreprise

Unités d’Enseignement Complémentaires

  • Droit approfondi des affaires
  • Études et recherche en gestion
  • Anglais

Semestre 2  

Unités d’Enseignement Fondamentales

  • Politiques et stratégies RH
  • Outils RH & digital RH
  • Projet de Mémoire recherche

Unités d’Enseignement Complémentaires

  • Responsabilité sociale et environnementale
  • Gestion des ressources humaines internationales
  • Gestion des ressources humaines & Management public
  • Droit et relations du travail en France et à l’international

Second year

The complete program contents can be downloaded: Icône PDFmaster_2_international_hr_management_courses

  • Module 1:The business context of HR | L’environnement des entreprises et des RH
  • Module 2: Organizational design & development | Design et developpement des organisations
  • Module 3: Resourcing and talent planning
  • Module 4: Learning & development | Apprentissage & developpement
  • Module 5: Employee engagement | Engagement des collaborateurs
  • Module 6: HR in a digital environment | Les outils RH
  • Module 7: Legal context and employee relations | Cadre legal et relations sociales
  • Module 8: Introducing the research methods and literature of the HR field  | Introduction aux méthodes de recherche et a la littérature académique RH
  • Module 9: Seminars, conferences and group work | Seminaires, conferences et travaux de groupe

Besides the classes, the program also offers on-site learning expeditions to some of our partner companies. This is an opportunity for the students to meet HR professionals in the field. They will learn about what is at stake for the business, what current HR implications are and which challenges the professionals are facing in their positions.

A one-week seminar abroad to better understand the HR practices of a specific country is also organized every year. Students visit different companies and discover local HR practices. The location of the seminar changes every year. In the past years, the Ciffop has visited New York, Singapore, Berlin, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Stockholm, Barcelona, Poland and many other destinations.



First year (Master 1)

Academic year usually starts in October. The apprentice spends 2,5 days a week in the company (Monday to Wednesday morning included) and 2,5 days at University (Wednesday afternoon to Friday). From the end of the classes/exams (generally around late June) and during University breaks, the apprentice works full time in the company. Paid holidays (5 weeks a year) should be taken during company time.

Second year (Master 2)

Academic year usually starts in September and classes generally ends at the beginning of July. Written exams take place during both semesters of the academic year and the thesis defense takes place in September.

This program includes an apprenticeship. Students sign an apprenticeship contract with a company for 12 months. The year is organized as follow:

  • from September to late October: full-time classes;
  • from November to the beginning of July: 3 weeks in the company & 1 week of classes;
  • from July to September: full-time in the apprenticeship company.