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Accueil - Master International HR Management

Master International HR Management

Master International HR Management
Classe IHRM 2017
International exposure

International recognition

In 2017, the IHRM program in Paris has been awarded the prestigious EPAS accreditation for 3 years by the EFMD after a rigorous review process for 3 years. 

The international program accreditation system EPAS is awarded to outstanding management programs with an international perspective. It is operated by the EFMD, an accreditation body globally renowned for quality and impact assessment in management.

International professors & speakers

Every year, the Ciffop welcomes professors from universities all over the world: Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, University of Manchester, University of Hong-Kong, University of Ottawa, etc. Classes are also taught by professionnal and speakers from multinational companies, coming from different European countries.

International environment

The IHRM students come from all over the world: in 2018-2019, the program gathers 27 students with 17 different nationalities. The diversity of cultures, academic and professional backgrounds gives the students a very good understanding of international HR issues. The IHRM Master also allows students to develop a strong intercultural sensibility.

International seminar

Every year, a one-week seminar abroad to better understand the HR practices of a specific country is also organized for the second year/Master 2 students. They visit different companies and discover local HR practices. The location of the seminar changes every year. In the past years, the Ciffop has visited New York, Singapore, Berlin, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Stockholm, Barcelona, Poland and many other destinations.